8th Grade Events

2016/17 PTSA Sponsored 8th Grade Events:

To celebrate their last year at MPMS, the PTSA sponsors several fun events for MPMS 8th Graders. Here are the activities for this year:

  • Donuts - Friday, August 26 during the MPMS Open House
  • 8th Grade T-Shirt Design Contest
  • Class Picture - taken in April
  • 8th Grade Dance - June 2nd
  • Farewell Class Picnic - June 8th (includes lunch and DJ)
  • End-of-Year Ceremony
  • Class Gift

To cover the costs of these events and activities, there is an 8th Grade student fee of $40.  The fee includes a class picture, admission to the dance, lunch at the picnic and contribution to the 8th Grade gift to the school.

If fee is paid by October 7th, you will receive a FREE 8th grade t-shirt! ($10 savings!)

Class t-shirts are $10.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help with the 8th Grade Events Committee, please contact

Other Programs

Includes scheduled Cultural Arts student programs and programs directed at parents.

The PTSA is proud to offer a variety of programs each year to enrich the students and the families of MPMS. The PTSA is currently in the planning stages of Student Programs.  If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Kim Mcknight, the PTSA VP of Programs, at

On September 21st 2015, the MPMS PTSA welcomed Reggie Dabbs and the NC Youth Alliance for a Family Night. We were excited to bring the NC Youth Alliance and speaker Reggie Dabbs to MPMS for a Family Night. Reggie has been speaking to students in public schools for more than 20 years and has addressed millions of teenagers to ready them for the challenges and pressures they often face.  Last year, Mr. Dabbs spoke to students during their Health/PE classes, and we were especially lucky to have him with us again to talk with parents and families. To learn more about the NC Youth Alliance, visit their website at Thank you for your generous support that enables the PTSA to bring important and meaningful programs like this to our school.